Looking for WordPress?

No, this site wasn't built on WordPress - it's a headless CMS system we've built in-house. It has all the same, easy to use features and familiarity of the WordPress admin but none of the overheads.

You might have noticed that this site is lightning fast. That's because it's all pre-rendered and served statically from a serverless environment - something WordPress just can't do.

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WordPress development with a difference

That's not to say we don't do WordPress, we've delivered many WordPress and WooCommerce sites over the last decade with great results. We never use pre-built themes, everything is created by our talented, in-house, front-end developers.

You have the option of going headless and combining the familiar WordPress admin with a lightening fast front-end. But if that's not your thing we use a dedicated WordPress hosting platform with many layers of optimisation, threat mitigation and automated security updates to ensure everything keeps running smoothly. So either way, your site will be lightning fast with rock solid reliability and security.

Have a look at some of our WordPress projects

  • Buffalo 7
  • Digital Workplace Group

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We have delivered projects for

New Balance
Epic Games
Wigan Council
Digital Workplace Group

...to name just a few